Let’s do this.

I decided when I woke up this morning to start up a blog. I know someone will be like, “Oh, well aren’t you special, Dearie? How original, I have a blog, too.”

Well let’s explore this.

I have a Tumblr and Pinterest that I use actively. However, I don’t really ramble about things I appreciate (or don’t, rather). I have Facebook, but too much family and family friends are around for me to really…enjoy the essence of myself. And I’m over Twitter. Therefore, I figured that I start fresh and do this the way that I would like to, and express myself as freely as I’d like to.

Anywho, let me introduce myself to the best of my ability. I am a 19 year old socially awkward female and am going into my 3rd year of college this Fall. I’m an English Education major (so trust that I’ve looked back over this post at least three times to make sure my grammar and spelling are intact) and I absolutely love it. I love traveling. I love photography. I love art. I love music.

I have come to understand that guys are stupid (lol), so as I encounter them I will write about them.

I believe that in a sense, I am hilarious. However, I have short bursts of hilarious-ness that you may not catch all the time. It’s okay, you’ll see it one day 🙂

I plan to cover a wide variety of subjects on this blog, from political issues to irrelevant life stories and happenings.

I love writing just about as much as I love meeting new people. Therefore, please do not hesitate to comment, reply, and message (I don’t even know if you can do that on this site, aha) to your heart’s desire, and I promise that I will answer.

And now I will try to figure out how the rest of this site works. So until next time, peace and love.

Any tips on how to make WordPress possibly the best online experience ever?


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on July 5, 2012.

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