A Reality Check

The economy is bad.

A lot of people who weren’t struggling ten years ago are struggling now.

When you think about it, life can be a tad rough.

I know that for me, personally, life has been pretty difficult the past couple of years for my family. My dad retired from the military near the beginning of the recession, and it was a bumpy transition, indeed. He went almost a year and a half without a job, and we weren’t getting unemployment benefits. It sucked.

This year, he’s finally at a police academy, training to be a police officer. Just now, we’re starting to get back on our feet, though we’re still in the middle of  a financial disaster. Trying to get me through college doesn’t make anything easier.

But this post isn’t necessarily about me; I’m just giving background information. I’m just noting that I felt like I appreciated what I had, but in the same breath I felt like I was “owed” something, in a sense. I felt like I shouldn’t have to wonder if I was able to buy this or that. I felt like I didn’t deserve feeling needy. It wasn’t fair to me, because I never did anything wrong.

That changed yesterday.

We went down to the beach area (did I ever mention that I live in Myrtle Beach?) yesterday after I went to work and  my dad stopped at a sub place to get something to eat. He left us in the car while going to get whatever his heart desired.

It was me, my mom, and my brother. As we sat there, a barefoot, middle aged man was fiddling with the hose on the  back of the sub building. Obviously, we were very curious to know what was going on here, so we watched him. He took a cloth out of his back pocket and wiped down the spot where he was planning on sitting.

He sat there, turned on the hose, and hosed his feet and legs down. My mom and I were flabbergasted. We had realized that this man was homeless. I will say that there are a lot of homeless people in Myrtle Beach, but we never paid any attention to the reality of the situation. And now we were forced to.

He hosed down his feet and legs, and wiped them down with his cloth, and then wiped his arms, face, and neck. He got up, put his shoes back on, turned off the hose, and walked off. It was one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed with my own eyes, I swear.

And it made me realize…that I have literally everything that I need. I have a bed to sleep in. I have food in the fridge. I have clothes to choose from everyday. I have a job, and more importantly, I have an education. What does anyone owe me? What more do I need?

That man reminded me to appreciate every little thing that I have, and to be grateful for it, because I may not have it tomorrow. Or next month. Or next year. And so I am now. I suppose it was an epitome of sorts, but I see life differently now.

….I bet you guys are like, “Oh wow, a non-relationship related post for once.” Don’t worry, I have one on the way 😉


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on July 8, 2012.

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