When He Stops Texting

It sucks.

I’m just gonna be extremely honest and say that when we females first start dating a guy, our imaginations and emotions tend to run wild. We go on thinking about what happens next and how much the guy really likes us…it’s pretty intense. In some instances we need to suppress our emotions to make sure we don’t scare the guy senseless.

Therefore, it really sucks when things go so nicely for a while and then out of the blue we realize that our knight in shining armor…threw his armor in a dumpster and hid in a hole somewhere.

We start that overanalyzing.

We’ll analyze everything that happened on every date (because we do remember everything if we’re interested enough), and we’ll analyze every phone call. We analyze text messages and nitpick every single occurrence to see where something went wrong.

We’ll go mad trying to figure things out. So guys, do us a favor and tell us if you decide that you aren’t interested anymore. And if that isn’t the case, if you want space, then let us know. We’ll do that for you.


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on July 9, 2012.

2 Responses to “When He Stops Texting”

  1. Love your honesty! if you get a chance, look at http://www.zabrinah.com! She leads a dating blog for girls! I know how you feel and it seems they pull back just so you’ll go nuts. When they have our attention, they go elsewhere… I like the book “Why Men Love Bitches.” Find it on Amazon and Steve Harvey’s book on dating. Great info from man’s prospective!

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