Clothing Mishaps To Avoid

Over the past couple of days I ran into a few things that severely annoyed me. I’m not exactly sure what people are thinking, or rather, what statements people try to make, but I just have a few things to address.

I believe that what you wear says a lot about the type of person that you are. If you’re a female that wears a lot of pink, people will assume that you’re a generally “girly” person. If you are the type of guy that wears gym shorts often people will assume that you are either a fitness oriented person, or just lazy (it could go both ways).

Therefore, I will say that people should always be aware of what they decide to put on because quite honestly, the general public will make assumptions about you.

Saying this, I’m just going to address two things that annoy me to no end (one for males, and one for females). I see this so often, and I’ve seen it so much in the past 48 hours that I just have to vent about it and explain why it’s not necessary.

Guys. I will say that this “mishap” has varying degrees of ridiculousness, and if it’s at the lower end of the spectrum you can get away with it in my eyes. However, most guys don’t do this, so I’m just going to go off on the general male population:


I mean, seriously, I cannot count how many times I see a guy who looks halfway decent in the front and when he turns around his gluteus maximus is visible for literally everyone to see. It’s like, seriously, if you’re gonna go out with pants and we can clearly see your undergarments then you might as well not even bother wearing pants in the first place.

Want to annoy me further? Have your pants sagging halfway down to your thigh with a belt on. What even is the purpose of the belt at this point? Guys, sagging pants is not a f**king fashion statement. It’s a result of men who can’t wear belts in prisons. Therefore, pull up your pants, for crying out loud, and wear your belt properly.

Moving on.

Ladies. I understand that because of the literally effed up and demented views of society we are pressured to look a certain way, and even worse, be a certain size. Trust me, I feel your pain and frustration just as well as the next girl. I’ve been through the whole self-appreciation issue, and even yesterday I was at the point of a mental breakdown because I was bloated to the point of looking like I was about 2 or 3 months pregnant. Thank you, menstrual cycle.

It’s rough.

I get it.

However, if you are clearly a size 14, and you’re shopping in the size 10’s, there’s a problem here. Honestly, shop your size. When I’m out and see a girl with skin and belly and arm and whatever else seeping out of the sides and clothes nearly bursting at the seams, I feel bad, because it seems to me that this person is having body image issues (or perhaps she grew out of it?).

There’s a difference between wearing form-flattering, form-fitting clothes, and looking like the person shopped in the little girls’ section of the store.

If you do this, and you don’t mind being honest with me, I just have one question: why? No one knows your clothing size but you (unless you tell someone). Why not go a size or two up? There’s plenty of cute clothes out there for thicker girls; I’ve seen size 16-20 girls flaunt their best attributes and look…well, sexy.

But you’re not gonna do that dressing in clothes 2 sizes too small. Let’s get that straight.

And trust me, that advice isn’t just for the thicker girls. Smaller girls are guilty, too. But you see it more often with more bodacious girls.

These are two clothing mishaps that I see on literally a daily basis and it makes my skin crawl. It’s frustrating. Can we please all just reach a consensus here and decide to dress appropriately? Thank you.


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on July 22, 2012.

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