Ma’am, Must You Be So Rude?

So I don’t think that I told you all that I work in retail. So here we go: I work in retail!

A lot of people say that this is a job for “special people,” and honestly, I couldn’t agree more. It must take some kind of special gene to be able to work in an environment where you’re dealing with the general public the entire time. I will say, however, that I do love and appreciate the job (minus the occasional foot or back ache).

Anywho, yesterday I had literally just started my shift on the cash register and after ringing up two or three customers this lady comes up to me and asks if there were any purple and pink shoes on hold. I looked around and spotted a pair of pink shoes and asked her if they were the ones. She said no.

I figured that I’d ask the girl on the station next to me (because she had been there longer) if there where any shoes on hold and she told me that the ones that I had were the only ones and someone had called them in. I asked the lady if she called in about shoes and she said that she did (she works at the same store 20 minutes away), and that she “specifically told the guy on the phone what the shoes looked like, and he specified that the ones that he found were the right ones.”

So I told her that those shoes must be it because they were the only shoes on hold. She proceeded to roll her eyes and say, “That can’t be right; I shouldn’t have to drive twenty minutes to get here for this and I told the guy three times what the shoes looked like, and even offered to give the style number so he could look them up. Do those shoes even look pink and purple to you?” Along with a good two minutes worth of other things that I don’t even want to bring myself to remember.

At this point I’m upset, and I’m frustrated, and I want to say, “Look Bitch, I wasn’t the one who put your shoes on hold, and I shouldn’t have to be bitched at because of someone else’s fuck up. These are clearly not the right ones so you can go and look through the store and see if you can find your damn shoes. Clearly, I have a line.”

But that wouldn’t be nice.

So I asked her if she had the style number so I could look it up. After a heavy sigh and impatient no from her, I resorted to, “Well, I’m not sure what to tell you. You can go to the activewear section to see if we have the ones you’re looking for, sorry. Activewear is in Shop 3.”

She then gave me another heavy sigh and rolled her eyes again and murmured something that I’m probably glad that I didn’t hear (because I was pissed) and strutted her way through the store. The lady behind her laughed and came to my station so I could ring up her stuff. Five minutes later she came back, no shoes, clearly pissed, and bitched at some other new girl who was working there that probably told her the same thing I did.

She did not leave the store a happy camper.

The one thing I can say I don’t like about what I do are the people (it’s definitely not everyone, but a select few) who just have no kind of appreciation for the people that work in customer service. And I believe that the major areas where this happens are retail and food service.

Honestly, we’re not asking for you to kiss our pinky fingers. But a lot of us aren’t just working there for the paycheck (we don’t get paid the greatest, anyway). I love my job, and I treat people nicely and I try to approach them on a personal level because I just love people, and that’s the way I’d want to be treated when I shop at a store. I always put my customers first because they ultimately deserve to have a good shopping experience, no matter how I’m feeling.

So for crying out loud, please just be courteous, at the very least. I’ve rang up some customers that literally made my day, and I’ve had others that I’d rather live without (like the one mentioned here). But trust me: a lot of times, the way you treat the people who work will definitely reflect on the way they will treat you in return.

Do any of you guys work in retail? Food service? Love it or hate it?


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on July 30, 2012.

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