Love Your Body!

Okay, I don’t know about anyone else, but seriously, after seeing these beautiful women along with a “Love Your Body” slogan hanging above…I just seriously want to run to the gym.

And I don’t even like the gym like that.

Can I just say something? Whoever decided to run this campaign from Victoria’s Secret was a genius. I totally get the message, and I totally get the point; it’s beautiful. I’m all for positive body image awareness. However, whoever planned it and ran the ad or whatever needs to reevaluate a few things, including their employment status with VS.

Honestly, what’s the point of saying, “Hey, you need to love yourself and your body,” when you have size 0 and 2 models strutting around for the campaign…when a good percentage of American women are sizes 6+? Where is the effectiveness of the message?

They lost it. And they lost me.

Really, I love seeing Alessandra Ambrosio in my Victoria’s Secret commercials and such, but when you’re telling America to “love their bodies,” you need to relate to America and actually hit home.

And for a lot of us, “home” is not in the single digit sizes.

Now if I were running the campaign, I would’ve taken regular, every day women (of different body types), and put them in the VS lingerie that they were trying to sell. That would’ve made the message more effective, and that would’ve made me not feel bad about myself.

Now, one thing that I do appreciate is the Dove Real Beauty Campaign. They are doing everything right and quite honestly, they just need a huge trophy for having common sense and making America (including myself) happy. Thank you, Dove. Now let’s take in these lovely, beautiful ladies and feel good about ourselves.



~ by musingsofaboredteenager on July 31, 2012.

8 Responses to “Love Your Body!”

  1. The advertisement Victoria’s Secret was trying to do was to make you feel more sexy in their lingerie, not about yourself. They’re trying to brainwash you into thinking that if you wear their bras and underwear, men will like you more and you’ll look like the models in their advertisement.

    The key here is just to be confident in yourself, whether your size 2 or 6! 😀

  2. really amazing post. So true. x

  3. Wonderful words of wisdom.

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