I’m a Desperate B*tch

Whoa, so my day was kinda intensely sad.

First off, I had this overwhelming sense of pain in my abdomen for like, half the day, so I spent a good bit of it in bed. That was lovely to experience.

Then on the other side of things I got a call from The A**hole today. It was like, 4:30, so I knew something had to be up because he usually doesn’t call until after 11pm, if he calls at all. Besides, we haven’t talked for about a week anyway.

So he’s like, “Oh hey Babe, are you at home?”

Of course I’m home. I was actually about to take a shower.

And the short version of the story is that he’s in the area for the day and he wants to “chill.” I of course jump at the idea but then hesitate because I have things to do regarding the next couple of days, so I tell him that I have to talk to my parents about it and call him back.

I also give my brother the pleasure of knowing that I may actually have a social life today, and I’m too excited about it. I call my parents (and not tell them who I’m trying to go out with), and whoop-dee-doo, it’s okay. So I call this guy back (like literally five minutes later) and he doesn’t pick up.

And I understand that he may have other things to do and whatnot, but I’m still irritated about it. And I realize…why do I even give this guy the time of day, when he barely gives thought to doing the same for me?


I mean, we have a shaky (yet short) history, and any other girl with common sense would just be like, “Um, no thank you.”

Yet I am the *desperate* hopeless romantic that needs attention.

I moped about it for about 15 minutes, told my parents I changed my mind, and then took a shower, when he called me again (an hour after I called him). I’ve yet to call him back.

Honestly, I’m so through with this guy on so many levels. On the How Much I Like a Guy Meter he’s like a Level 2, but he pisses me off so much that I can’t even bother to deal with him sometimes. And I’ll just call him when I’m bored to humor myself.


Mr. Socially Inexperienced has yet to come around still. And I’m still not too thrilled about that. But I won’t even bother texting him until my friend that hooked us up gets on him first (because she will when she finds out we haven’t been talking; she and his friend insists that we’re the perfect couple apparently). Like, I quit trying with guys. I’m not initiating anymore.

But we can say I’m growing up a little, yeah? 😛


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on August 1, 2012.

6 Responses to “I’m a Desperate B*tch”

  1. Sorry about the boy trouble. He doesn’t sound likes he’s worth it:(

  2. A word of advice, let the guy come to you, chasing them never works, and if they don’t come around, then you know where you stand. When a guy is putting in little to no effort, he’s not that interested and not worth your time. I learned this the hard way.

    • This is definitely the conclusion I’ve come to. No need wasting time and effort and emotions on someone that seems like they couldn’t care less, no matter what they say. Actions speak way louder than words.

  3. Let him go. You deserve better!

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