Can I Spice Things Up?

So I’ve been noticing some trends on WordPress as I’ve been browsing around, and two of them are blog challenges and specific posts for specific days of the week.

I’m very familiar with the blog challenges; I’ve done them on Tumblr dozens of times, and while they are fun, I tend to get impatient and finish them within the day. Sometimes I do it the right way, but the anxiousness that comes with answering a question every day is too much to handle. 😛

One thing I am very interested in, however, is the specific weekly posting thing. I find it pretty awesome and I feel like if I personalize it and tailor it to my interests, it will be super fun, and it’ll keep me consistent.

One that I know I’ll appreciate is Music Monday. I love music, and almost every day I have a different song stuck in my head. That will be easy. I saw a What I Wore Wednesday around but I think I bum around too much and that wouldn’t really be effective until school starts; in the winter I seem to wear sweats like every day.

There would be three What I Wore Wednesdays in a row with sweatpants. That’s sad.

Thankful Thursday would be lame because I’m already doing The Year of Thankful Living. One thing that I am playing around with is a Food Friday, which would be something I cooked or ate that week or something.

I don’t think I need one for every day of the week, but I’d like at least three or four. But I’m not sure where to go from Music Monday!

Some input would be fantastic. Does anyone out there have personal favorites or suggestions?


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on August 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “Can I Spice Things Up?”

  1. I have seen a lot “5 things”, “three things” etc. I have started a “The Little Things” post, to tailor it to things that I admired during the week. So maybe a three things Thursday about things that you noticed/liked/hated during the week.

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