Mr. Henna

So when I work, 90% of the time I’m working at the cash register. I don’t know why (because honestly I probably do more harm than good as far as just being problem-free unfortunately), but I’m glad that I do because time tends to go faster there than on the floor.

Which I appreciate.

Anywho, next to the cash registers is the door (obviously!) and then  it’s all windows. So basically when someone is working the register, depending on which side they’re on, the windows or the rest of the store is on the right or left and the door is either in front or behind them.

I don’t know if that made sense, but we’ll work on it.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering why I have to tell you about the windows. And that is because the windows are a very crucial part of Mr. Henna’s story.

I just realized that it’s too late and my sleeping schedule is way too ridiculous to be making a post like this right now. But whatever.

Moving on.

So basically, right outside these windows is a little henna tattoo kiosk. And I’ve seen it before or whatever, but lately I’ve grown a pretty intense interest in just tattoos, period. And I want one. But I’m too scared to get one. So a few weeks ago some of my coworkers and I were discussing tattoos, and I just gave up and suggested the henna tattoo kiosk outside.

Quite honestly, I’m way too much of a chicken to get a real tattoo right now, so I’d much rather just get a *temporary* henna tattoo and feel like I accomplished something.

Anything more than the essence of that conversation is irrelevant, but after that conversation I grew less of an interest in the actual henna tattoos, and more of an interest in who was running the little kiosk.

That’s a nice-looking fellow.

Not as attractive as Mr. Socially Inexperienced. But more attractive than The A**hole, so I’m good.

So anyway, let me tell you everything I’ve learned about Mr. Henna so far:

  1. He appreciates shorts (whether it’s a summer thing or just a general appreciation is disputable but that’s all I’ve seen him in so far). Mostly board shorts though (or the like). I saw him in jean shorts today for the first time. WE HAVE THIS IN COMMON.
  2. He appreciates really short hair. He’s gotten like 2 or 3 haircuts since I’ve noticed him.
  3. No boxers. Whether it’s boxer briefs or just briefs is inconspicuous, but I’d like to think he prefers boxer briefs.
  4. He appreciates his cell phone. WE HAVE THIS IN COMMON.
  5. He’s adorable with his little mannerisms. WE HAVE THIS IN COMMON (or so I’ve been told).
  6. A/C > heat/humidity all day.
  7. It seems as if he gets bored at work from time to time (but I would be too if I were sitting at a kiosk all day). <- WE HAVE THIS IN COMMON, TOO.
  8. I think that’s it.

Okay, so if you haven’t noticed, we have 4 out of 7 things in common right now, and I haven’t even talked to him yet. That’s a good sign. And obviously I’m exaggerating right now and looking at this with the perspective of a 15-year-old but I’m just one of those people that would like to think that I can be compatible with just about anyone.

I’m a people person, so I find this pretty fair to say.

Or maybe it’s just late and I’m tired and delusional.

Whatever the case, it just makes me sad because I wish I had noticed him earlier because I go to school in two weeks (won’t be working as often!) and I personally just like looking at him and if I noticed him in like June my work life would’ve been 2738274893270432x more interesting this summer.

I think I’m getting a henna tattoo before school starts.

However, I will remember everything I that learned from Mr. Socially Inexperienced and The A**hole and I promise that I won’t initiate anything (is it sad that I just scoffed to myself?).

But seriously. No initiating for Rie.


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on August 6, 2012.

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