The Year of Thankful Living: Day 30

I’m officially one month into a year of thankful living?! That’s incredible, seriously. Today, I’m just thankful for the opportunity to go on a journey like this.

Throughout this month I’ve gotten more positive regarding quite a few things, from family members, to friends, to the weather….even iced coffee! It’s awesome because at the end of the day, the possibilities are endless when it comes to simple things that you’re thankful for.

You can be thankful for the food that you ate (because not everyone has food), or the money you spent (because not everyone has money). Even being alive today is totally valid, because tons of people died in their sleep last night. I just appreciate the fact that I can have a place to sit down and really pick through the day to see what I can pick to be thankful for, because seriously, there’s tons of things to choose from.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been more thankful and grateful and appreciative, but I’ve also been just generally happier. I’ve been in a better mood and I’m glad that this journey has done these things for me. I am so pumped for the coming months and everything that this year brings.

I’d actually encourage you to go for something like this, even if it lasts a month. Even after 30 days, there’s a definite difference and change of perspective. Also, thanks to Tanner Willbanks (once again) for inspiring me to go on such an awesome journey. 🙂


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on August 8, 2012.

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