The Mr. Henna Experience

So I said that I was planning on getting services from Mr. Henna…and I pretty much did just that!

So during my break last night I went up to the kiosk (I was basically like, “Excuse me, SIR,” with all of my awkwardness) and asked him how much a henna tattoo costs, and he looked at me blankly and said, “I don’t know.” Did I mention that he had an Italian accent? Anywho, I felt so slow and I was like, okay?

He then chuckled and said he was kidding and that they were usually $18, but he would give me one for $12. I was very excited about this and picked out the Superman logo, but my break was almost over and I knew I didn’t have time to get one. Therefore, I asked him if he could give me one when I got off work at 10 (when the entire center closes). He was like, “I leave at 10.” I had to beg him to give me one, so I literally promised him that I would be there at 10:01 sharp.

I guess he could tell I was totally serious and excited so he agreed. I totally elated for the rest of my shift and like I promised, I was there at 10:01. I told him I wanted it right below my ankle and he went to work on it.

He did the whole “bzzzzzz” sound like a real tattoo and for that reason I kinda freaked out because I hate needles. So I made this known and the guy working with him was like, “Don’t worry, he’s a professional.” However, when I asked him how long he’s been doing henna, he said 3 months.

I was like, oh okay, this guy’s about to screw over my henna tattoo.

But he insisted (lol he said he wouldn’t lie to me) that it comes easy and there isn’t much to it. He also apparently buys good henna. Whatever that means.

I told him that I was super excited and that I love Superman and he seemed to be amused by how happy I was. But you can’t beat Superman, guys! Anywho, he finished and I like spazzed in the seat and he was totally amused (because my foot was on his thigh and I kinda pushed-kicked it, lol) and I apologized like 3 times and he smiled and told me how to take care of it and all that jazz and I skipped happily away with my new Superman henna tattoo.

Good news? He’s 20.

Deal-breaker? He’s a smoker. *audiences does dramatic “awwwwww”*

I mean, I get that people who know me would be like, “But you smoke pot why is this a problem, I don’t get it, etc., etc….” The things is, I understand that I do a few things that I probably shouldn’t do, but I don’t need any enablers adding to that. I personally think that cigs are gross…been there, quit that. That may or may not be a contradiction on my part, but whatever.

But I mean, the bottom line here is that at the end of the day…I’m not feeling Mr. Henna any farther than a friendship, haha. Yeah, he’s adorable, and of course I’ll stop by and talk to him every once in a while, but I’m all good in the Mr. Henna department.

And I appreciate my Superman henna tattoo to the utmost.


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on August 11, 2012.

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