I will be the very first to admit that I have a mouth on me. Really. For those how have taken a looksie at my About page, I said that I could be very sassy. I meant this to the very highest level.

First off, I am the hugest instigator. I’ve been told that I simply “get off” to arguments. I mean, I suppose I tend to add fuel to the fire, and when I’m not involved, I possibly get a chuckle out of it. When I am on one side of an argument I suppose that I say things (sometimes of the hurtful nature) that results in the other person just storming off (but in my eyes this means that I win the argument, so it’s okay).

I just feel that when I’m in an argument, the other person has to hear every single thing that I have to say because I’m right. I’d like to think that I’m a logical thinker, so in the heat of the moment I believe that once I say everything that I want to say, the other person will be like, “Oh, this is true,” and we can carry on with our lives.

However, we all know that this isn’t the case.

When you’re in an argument, you absolutely know that you’re right (though it does indeed suck when you realize mid-argument that you were in fact wrong, but this actually doesn’t happen to me often).

The truth is, I honestly, truly believe that 95% of the time that I’m arguing with someone, I’m right.  If not, then I don’t see the point in making a fuss out of the matter. The other 5% of the time I act like I was joking and I laugh it off (because that really is the only dignified way of leaving an argument when you realize you’re wrong, other than apologizing).

The problem here is…sometimes you just have to shut the f*ck up. Literally. Even if you’re right.

Sometimes, the other person isn’t even worth the aggravation. I’ve mentioned before that my brother is always opinionated and almost always wrong, and for this reason, we really get into it. The thing is, after everything is said and done and both of us are just angry, I realize that there was really no point. It was juvenile. And I mentally slap myself.

My mom is on the same boat a lot of the time, but quite honestly I can’t get into that.

What I’m trying to get at here is that no yelling and mental (or verbal) cursing and frustration and aggravation is needed for the sake of the other person understanding that you’re right. 99% of the time, it isn’t even worth the effort.

P.S. – Is anyone as sad as I am that the Olympics are ending? Boooooooo 😦


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on August 12, 2012.

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