An Update On My Life For Those Vaguely Interested

I’m not even sure if my YOTL post today made sense because I was sitting with a friend and she was doing the perfect job of talking to me and instead of being a normal person and sitting and listening to her I thought I could multitask.

And we all know that that is a joke in itself.

Anywho, On Saturday I went to work and since I ad a spare 10 minutes before I had to clock in I went over to Mr. Henna and got him to give me a [free] refresher on my tattoo, because quite honestly it was looking like utter crap. I told him that he was going to have to be my go-to henna guy and he totally said, “Well in four days I leave.” And I was somewhat devastated but asked him where and he said that he was leaving to his home in Bulgaria.

Way to go, Mr. Henna. Way to go.

Who’s gonna give me free/discounted henna from now on? Because I’m hooked.

I also worked in the fitting room that day instead of the cash register and whatnot, and let me tell you…I realized that I never missed it. I don’t wanna be rude but seriously, customers are a trip in fitting rooms. On a serious note. I also realized that I was going to miss being at my job on a semi-regular basis. I was so sad to leave and I swear that I almost cried my little eyes out walking out of the store. I’ll miss my coworkers and the lovely people I service! D:

Anywho, on Sunday I woke up bright and early (at 8 a.m.) to go on the road to school, and literally right after we finished taking all of my crap to my room, it started raining. So I had gotten almost drenched going to the store and buying a few necessities to hold me until Wednesday (when I get paid to go grocery shopping).

I only put a few things away and then my roommate from last semester asked me to go to the mall with her and her fiance (the same fiance that introduced me to Mr. Socially Inexperienced) and after that I took a nap, and then spent some time with one of my best friends before retiring for the night.

That brings me to today, where I went to pay for my payment plan and whatnot and got my schedule finalized and I’m sitting here now writing a post for you all.

I have leftover Chinese food in my room and I think I’m going to get it.

Also, I’d appreciate it if I didn’t have to walk up to the third floor to get to my room all the time.

But whatever.

I’m just hungry.


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on August 20, 2012.

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