The Year of Thankful Living: Day 61

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Today I’m am just thankful for a day of rest. This week has been so long and so busy and since last weekend wasn’t really a weekend and I was busy the entire time, this is the first day in about two weeks that I’ve had some serious time to just relax.

I was able to enjoy the day and lay in bed all day (though I did do some studying), and I just feel a bit renewed. It’s nice to just have a day off where you don’t have to wonder whether you should or could skip class or not and what meetings are going on and whether you should get a nap in or just push the day until the end. I know that next week is going to be just as busy, so I’m literally taking in every second of “me time” that I can get.

I love days like this.


Here’s To Letting It Go

•September 7, 2012 • 2 Comments

So I’ve been in a bit of a constant battle with myself over the past couple of months when it came to Mr. Socially Inexperienced (if you’re not familiar, read up). On one side I was thinking, “Okay, this guy is a couple a**hole and I can’t even believe that I at one point gave him the time of day and put so much of my emotions and time into this nonsense.” On the other side, I was more like, “But why? I don’t get it, we had this going on, and blah, blah, blah…”

It was stressful, in a sense.

It was also unnecessary.

For the past couple of weeks I came to the conclusion that I did absolutely nothing wrong. I scanned every moment we spent together, every text exchanged (that I could remember), every phone conversation (or at least the bits and pieces that I could remember), and I realized that he had to be the one in the wrong.

Why? I have no idea.

He didn’t tell me.

The thing with me is, I would’ve done a much better job moving on and getting over everything if he would’ve just said something along the lines of

  • “Hey, this isn’t working out.”
  • “Hey, I’m not really interested.”
  • “Hey, there’s someone else.”
  • …or something.

I blogged before about the importance of closure and how, if you don’t have it, it can pretty much eat you alive. It can ruin you. And I think I’ve kinda let this whole Mr. Socially Inexperienced situation do that to me. But I’ve decided (officially) to let it go. Not everyone is going to do you the favor of telling you why, and though it sucks, we have to just accept it and move on.

So, here’s to letting go. And moving on. And looking forward to bigger and better things.

Where Girls Mess Up

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Yesterday a friend and I were walking on campus and we had the pleasure of listening in on a fellow student’s phone conversation that was pretty heated. She was yelling and whatnot, and when we were walking to my friend’s apartment building, it seemed like she was yelling at her boyfriend. However, as we left and were walking back from her apartment, we heard bits and pieces of the conversation that went something like this:

“Why are you talking over me? No, I’m the girlfriend; you’re just the side b*tch…he doesn’t care about you! You can come and talk to me whenever he just puts you to the side because that’s what he’s gonna do…I’m the only one that matters to him, etc., etc.”

It was actually pretty comical and we all got a laugh out of it because the whole situation is so ridiculous. Honestly, I saw quite a few problems with the scenario that I got from this phone conversation:

  1. Why is she the one telling off this girl? If the boyfriend is really a boyfriend, then he should be the one telling this girl to step off and move on.
  2. From what I understand, if a boyfriend has a “side b*tch” then that means that he is cheating or was cheating at some point. If he was cheating, then this girl shouldn’t even be in the picture. If he is, then why is this girl wasting her time? She needs to get on the boyfriend, if she doesn’t leave him entirely.
  3. Sitting out in the courtyard where other students are clearly carrying on their day arguing on the phone about something so trivial is not classy on any level.

I just found the whole conversation so amusing and juvenile on so many levels; it’s amazing what some females let themselves put up with nowadays.

The Year of Thankful Living: Day 74

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The Year of Thankful Living: Day 60

The Year of Thankful Living: Day 59

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Today I am thankful for the Italian footlong I’ll be getting from Subway today. I’m hungry.

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The Year of Thankful Living: Day 58

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Today I’m thankful that I have the actual desire to be a part of my college community.

For the first two years I’ve been here, the only thing that I really did (outside of academics) is complain about how boring and mundane the college was. I was so bummed out because I felt like there was absolutely nothing to do on campus.

However, over the summer I decided that I should instead look into some of the different things that you can do. So not only did I join the RIOT, Renew program, Co-Ed Dance Team, LGTBS Alliance, and College Democrats, I also applied for the FMU Leadership program and am working on getting an organization started of my own.

This will obviously be a fantastic semester and I’m psyched for everything that comes out of it.