An Epitome?

I was thinking about this entire situation at hand (other than Wuthering Heights, this has been clouding my thoughts for the past 48 hours, no doubt) and realized something while lying in bed this morning.

Somewhere in this entire mess, I’m putting Mr. Socially Inexperienced in a place where he ultimately does not belong. Why am I still using him as a factor in this equation, when he probably doesn’t even want to be in it in the first place?

I’ve always said that if a guy likes you, he’ll put in undeniable effort to make it known. Mr. SI hasn’t put in any effort for about two weeks now. Whether it’s from his shyness, girl-stupidity, or loss of interest is still to be known, but the bottom line is, if the first two options were even true, then I would’ve gotten at least a text or phone call.

Therefore, there’s no reason for him to be even a viable option anymore. I overanalyzed so much that I forgot the basics entirely: if a guy is interested, he will let you know. Period. Men have proved this over and over and over again. Even if it’s a subtle hint, it’s still there.

And I have gotten all of nothing from him.

So I have reached this conclusion: Mr. Socially Inexperienced can go find his experience somewhere else. Ugh, what a waste of a pretty face though, oh my God. I will say I’m pretty disappointed with the way the entire thing went down because he is a good guy (and I swear you guys don’t understand how ridiculously good-looking he is), and if I could go back I would do things differently, but…I guess everything happens for a reason?

And now my equation has gotten that much simpler, and I can take on the A**hole and all of the nonsense he brings with him without thinking about some other guy who apparently wouldn’t bother giving me the time of day.

If he comes back around though, I swear I’m kicking myself in the face, and then I’ll kick him in the face for putting me through this nonsense.


~ by musingsofaboredteenager on July 13, 2012.

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